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International Business


London is one of the world’s most celebrated capitals of finance, fashion, arts and entertainment. London is a major international business hub; people around the globe are looking to establish their survival business to international business in this renowned place. Their main aim seems to utilise London’s mixing international business culture status and resources to expand their business locally or internationally.

As an accountancy and taxation consultant in London, we can help many aspiring local and international businesses to establish their business. Our clients include goods and service sectors.

To establish a business in the UK, we will help our clients by providing Business Start Up consultancy ranging from registration of UK limited company to hiring human resource to all the compliance tasks like opening the business bank account, UK corporation tax returns standards of HMRC.

 Virtual Finance Director or Manager

In case of inaccessible due to various reasons, like costly to hire full time finance staff, especially to fulfil foreign companies’ special requirement of expanding business, contact us for Virtual Office or advice and guidance to establish an office or a branch in the UK, and get the senior or junior finance staff, keeping in mind what type of wage rule affects the staff.